Here on up

Another issue is done, that makes 11 for the semester and about 14 so far. I still haven’t received a transition manual from either of the former editors. Fortunately, Neil left us a bible. I don’t really refer to it anymore, but I read through it before I started (the thing is at least an inch thick). Anyway, the issue this week is 24 pages, that’s like doing a double issue compared to some of the ones we’d been doing. In my opinion it’s too much, 16 and 20 pagers make for better content, oh well, it’s fun. There’s a lot of good stuff in the issue this week, there’s also a lot of space filler. Our main graphics dude was sick (may or may not have been related to Sci Formal), he usually works his magic on the cover. We only had one graphics person around and lots of colour stuff to be done, so I did a bunch of work on the cover. It’s alright, it’ll make people smile at least. It’s a pun though. A fucking pun. I think sleep is in order now.