Wikka chikka wikka chikka wa

Hmm, lets see. The lightbulb in my desklamp blew out, and i fucked up one of the one’s in the overhead light trying to see what wattage it was. It didn’t really want to go back in the socket. So, my room’s a bit dark.

Stuff stuff stuff. There was the DJ Vadim show at the Elixir last night; I went with Freeman and Tavis, Eve showed up too. The show was alright, I didn’t stick around until the end, I was kind of tired. The waitress we had was kind of wacky, I think she was overworked/tired. She left her tray at our table for fifteen minutes and rambled on about stuff, it was funny. We had a pad of paper with us and drew a bunch of stuff, I should probably take a look at it. Some of it should probably be burned.

Matrix RevolutionsI went and saw Matrix Revolutions on Wednesday night. It wrapped up a bunch of stuff, left some question but no worse than the first movie. There was a lot of action, boom boom boom. I found that their ammunition expenditure didn’t seem to match the amount being put in. I guess that’s generally the case in the movies though. There was also a tendency to explain away large questions in a sentence or two, generally along the lines of, “That’s the way things are, you gotta do what you’re meant to do.” It seemed like everything happens for a reason and you should just let it all happen, but while you’re doing that your should do it all really really really fast. On a whole I enjoyed it and wasn’t really disappointed.