Well, I finished my hellish beginning of the week, now I get to relax a little bit. Got out of the paper around 4:30 monday morning (issue is out today!), had a classics test at 11:30, a networks assignment due at 1:30 and a 15-20 minute presentation for Tuesday afternoon. And I finished it all.

Last night I watched Barry Lyndon, Kubrick’s three hour European epic. Visual it was amazing, absolutely sick… he uses a lens developed for NASA to shoot scenes in natural light. The music is fantastic too. And that narrator, wow, it’s that soft soothing voice that puts things bluntly and isn’t really expected. If you like the bang bang bang style of film making you probably won’t enjoy it. If you like lush cinematography and general brilliance, you should really check this out, it’s one of the most underrated films of all time.

Some tidbits:
Gates as Morpheus, Ballmer as Neo
Reporter could have killed Bush
Too bad this Prime Minister is leaving
ShapeShifter – Mac Themes