Candy bars

Here are some excerpts from an article describing Saddam’s capture.

Inside, dirty laundry, including gray trousers and a towel, hung from a clothesline above a bed covered with a floral blanket. The poster was tacked to the wall near a second bed which appeared unused.

In the makeshift kitchen, a small fridge contained a few Bounty candy bars, some hot dogs and a can of 7-UP. There was old bread on a counter, leftover rice in a pot and dirty dishes in the sink.

Two AK-47 rifles, documents and $750,000 in cash were also found and removed from the property during the raid.

I guess it’s the last one that gets me. You think he could have made a better hole in the ground. Then again, he probably had at least two or three holes in the ground… a man of his status,