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I love my cordless trackball; it really makes sense for a trackball to be cordless, you can lean back and rest in on the arm of a chair and surf away. Now the downside to having a cordless device is when you forget half of it somewhere. I brought the transmitter home but left the trackball on my desk. The lack of computer shops in Brockville means that Dave had to buy a relatively standard and boring two button mouse from microsoft, blah. I also picked up a pci usb 2.0 hub, my external powered hub has been really flaky and likes to lock up the system when I sync the palm or camera. I haven’t installed it yet though.

On another note, do any of you mac freaks know a good way to automate taking screen captures and uploading them? Actually, my biggest annoyance is the pdf file that the standard mac screencapture keystroke generates. I could write a folder action that converts the pdf to a jpg and attach it to the desktop. I could probably use curl or something to upload it too. I haven’t had much luck finding one, although I know a number of them exist for windows. Oh, folder actions are pretty cool if you haven’t played with them. Here’s a good one for attaching to the desktop, it will convert read only files to writeable (if you drag attachments from Mail to the Desktop, it makes them read only.