Here I come to save the day

Well fuck, I was talkin to Freeman tonight and he was all on about November only having 30 days and having to finish off his essay and here I am thinking that there’s still at least one more day left. It didn’t really sink in until I watched an mailing list reminder message come in, ringing in the first of the month in email fashion. This also make three solid posts in a row that I have somehow managed to link to Freeman. Or maybe just 3 of the last 4 but it’s kind of sick. Point of that was applications for teacher’s college were due on Dec 1, which happens to be today. Thanks to the marvels of the internet, I have it completed and sent in. Thank you to Queen’s for accepting letters until Jan 31st, when I’m sure I’ll have that extra day.

Well, the end of the semester came and went. I managed to write two tests, do an assignment and finish a rather large report in the span of two days. Or something. It wasn’t all that much fun. Then I drank myself stupid with the rest of the GW crew at the friday night wrap party. Saturday and Sunday, I do nothing! First non-Sunday day in awhile, crazee! Now I go to have a drink or two at the Scherzo and play some vids with Dave.