Ribs for dinner

I’ve been spending time in front of the computer but a lot of it has been trying to write an application to upload screencaptures to the website. I think I bit off a bit more than I could chew to start off with though. I decided to start off with an applescript program rather than diving into objective c, although I doubt it would have mattered much. I have the initial interface created, and it kind of works, i’m just having trouble getting it to read the values out of the text fields. I think my problems lie more in trying to make it so the computer saves all the preferences before I made sure everything actually worked.

Beyond that, there’s isn’t anything of much importance to mention. I’ve been at home, I’ve been sleeping a lot. They have good food here, that’s a plus. I’ve spent time in malls trying to get some shopping done too, that can be a trying experience around this time of year.