Right right

Of course I’ve been done for awhile now but have failed to post much of anything. Haven’t really been up to much, just taking it easy. Stuck around in Kingston to see Return of the King, as Brockville is sorely lacking in the theatre department. Apparently they’re going to have one in by 2005 though, just about the time I could care less. As far as the movie goes, it held up well and wasn’t a disappointment. There’s the standard “The ending drags” complaint, but it’s more the sitting on your ass for three hours. He should have saved a longer cut for dvd, or at least put an intermission in. On the plus side, the theatre didn’t have any previews attached to the movie.

I’m back home for awhile now, a day earlier than expected. My dad was given tickets to a hockey game tomorrow night, so it looks like that’s what I’m doing. Nothing much new, although I did add the BlogTimes bar to the page. It gives a visual indication of when most of my posts are, or at least it would if I managed to write more than once every couple days.