Hello all, back from the voyage to Quebec City, it was a lot of fun and not as cold as I expected it to be. I will have some photos to add to the gallery at some point, but I’m unable to post them. I discovered that the Internet is still not working at my house. And no one is picking up the phone at jerk housemate’s house. Maybe he went for a surprise vacation out of the county or something.

Bad discoveries of the day: I’m going to have to take six courses next semester to make up for the one I dropped last semester, at least I won’t be editing the paper in the last half of March, so it should be nice and manageable. How comes science students need to take 20.0 credits and arts only need to take 19.0? Oh, are degress are just as valuable they say. Well, mine’s worth at least a grand more. Unless they’re just making room for at least two course failures. I’m not bitter. Discovery number two: spotty swollen throat. Cause: bacteria or virus. Bacteria would be nice, because the penicillin I got should kill it and make me better. I had a virus with the mono back in the summer and it meant my throat just kept swelling and I eventually needed an anti-inflamatory.