Paper is done for this evening, whoo. Could have gotten out of there earlier with a full quota of working computers. Layout and graphics managed to share three computers the entire time. It was a late start overall but it filled itself up. Old writers, new writers, lots of Freeman, graphics, odd cover, space filler (find the bald guy). Three cheers, despite the sick people. I may or may not have been responsible for their sickness. I had to enjoy being sick at the paper last week. Bed time should be now. I think all of the kinks are worked out with the new design, i failed to redo the search template on my last venture. There were a few other templates floating around too. The game of editorial foosball was a brilliant idea. We played with pad and pen, if you got scored on, you had to write a cover idea on the pad. The game resulted in the cover and three quarter pagers, mayone only two, i can’t remember.