Microwave oven

I’ve said before, when I’m busy I post and when I’m not busy I don’t post. Well, that’s a lie. There are sometimes that you really are busy and internet surfing procrastination (to extensive weblog levels) is impossible. It should be scaling back a little bit this week, allowing more opportunities to peruse the interweb.

Uhh, news news news… nothing too exciting. Janet Jackson showed her tit on television to shift media attention away from her brother. Oh my god! Look that was a tit on television! OMG! Shock and awe. Something something blah cultural values blah blah children fuck blah whatever. The Europeans and millions of American’s with specialty cable channels are waiting for you in full bare-breasted splendor on this side of the curtain. Join with us and we shall ride over the edge of this cliff, hand-in-hand with the devil.

Other news items to check out this article on the underground community of virus writers. Like most of the computer intelligencia they fell mistunderstood. Also take a look at this ad (local) for Microsoft FrontPage with new professional coding tools that will help you produce clean code faster. Look for the part of the ad where the make an html mistake. Oh! Laugh riot.