Reading Week

Last week was reading week, I was in Kingston for most of it pretending to read. I managed to get a chunk of reading and work done, but didn’t feel like I accomplished much. I was planning on getting more programming done on my 499 project than I did, but it’s not the end of the world. I managed to get a pretty good feel for the game-logic. I needed some relaxation time, these next couple of weeks are probably going to be on the hellish side.

I went down to Missassauga towards the end of the week and stayed with Alanah for a couple of days. Did a detour down to Burlington and visited with most of my relatives, who I hadn’t seen in two or three years. I picked up a couple of cheap cds while I was down there, including: The Darkness – Permission to Land, The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t let the Bells End), Mars Volta – De-Loused in the Comatorium and Nas – Illmatic. I can also recommend the movie Formula 51 if you want a really oddball mix of comedy, including Samuel L. Jackson wearing a kilt for no reason. I also saw Underworld, which is a shite Matrix rip-off with some vampires and werewolves.

On the newspaper side of things, it was a fun night last night. We took over the journal house to do a parody issue, which should go over well tomorrow. I ended up getting home around 7 in the morning, there was just a bunch of a nitpicky stuff that held us up. That said, it looks a lit more convincing than other years (yea official templates).