Valentine’s Day and writing update

Had a good day yesterday; ventured downtown and spent plenty of time browsing the bookshelves at indigo and the liquor shelves at the liquor store. I stopped by Dave’s place and bounced around some ideas about creating a media/recording company. My purchases from the bookstore included a cheap copy of The Hacker Ethic (hardcover with cool minimalist binding), a copy of Frank magazine, and some things for Alanah. The liquor store presented me with a couple bottles of wine, both from the Rhone Valley in France. I did a short exchange there when I was younger and liked the wine from around there.

After that was food shopping and cooking. Alanah came over, we had some wine and cheeses, then we cooked up a couple of steaks, some crazy potatoes and onions (with lemon, butter and brown sugar), a tomato and mozzarella salad type thing and some garlic bread. Ate with candles burning, sat around drinking wine and talking. She gave me a copy of Pattern Recognition, Talkie Walkie, some chocolate covered coffee beans and some Glenfiddich. All in all, a great night.

I’ve been doing some updates to the writing section as well. A good chunk of the things I’ve written for the paper this year are online (and by that I mean the eds).