Growin up techno

I was taking a look at Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music (via Freeman or Eve) and the geek in me shone through bright and clear. First off, it’s a good way to learn about different types of electronic music and genres, if you don’t know much about it (like me, so for all I know it may be a bad example). Then the geek part says, “Man, those are some good examples of network graphs”. Computer science rules my brain.

Yeah, I like network graphs. And I like interface design and looking at how people actually interact with computers. I just don’t see myself as a particularly stellar coder. I can do it, but I just don’t envision myself creating anything that’s mathematically innovative — which seems to be the typical outlook (at least at Queen’s anyway). Let other people code, I’ll tweak it and make it work for me. I mess around with html, php, css, and some other letters for this site on a regular basis, but I’ve never really seen that as writing code. It may very well be. There’s a weird kind of elitism playing against scripting and markup languages, something like literary journal novels versus scifi or trash romance.