Burgers with billionaires

Mark Cuban isn’t really angry that Donald Trump didn’t remember him, I guess they were running in different circles. He has offered to make it up to Donald by taking him out to Whitecastle:

I respect you and think we would have a great time hanging out talking business. How about this as a truce offering: I will come by your apartment in NY, we can either walk or take a cab to the White Castle of your choice and dinner is on me. Bring your girlfriend if you like. If we can’t be friends after sharing a couple dozen sliders and onion chips, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Someday, when I have my billions, I will ask a fellow billionaire out for a burger. As far as reality television shows go, I can’t really see one based around Mark Cuban being anything like the Apprentice. My guess is Cuban and Trump have slightly different management styles.