Hot shit

Well I appear to be done school now, at least the undergraduate portion of it. I have a take-home exam to drop off in the morning some time, but it’s done. It’s been a hectic semester, I’ve spent the last couple days decompressing. I still need to do a little bit more work on my final project, but it’s not too bad. I switched my degree from a Bachelor of Science to a Bachelor of Computing because the school pushed through some new program, and I qualified for it. Doesn’t mean too much other than a change in name; it’s an SSP as opposed to a major and I leave with the ability to get some sort of certification faster. It also just didn’t seem right taking a science degree without doing chemistry, biology or physics.

I’ve been a little bit bored with the website because I’m sick of the design and layout of it. I’m thinking about dumping the weblog off of the root directory and onto a sub directory. Maybe still have post excerpts and quicklinks on the main page and have it act as more of a portal. I want to get more of my writing up, maybe start a photoblog and scrap the gallery and get up some sort of downloads section. I’m also thinking about redoing it all in css, although I would probably be creating a world of pain for myself. Seal Club has been my first real foray into a complete css layout and I can safely say that i was a bit of a pain.

An item of note: I’ve taken to drinking beer out of cans. They allow you to drink faster and the keg cans do a pretty good job staying cold.