SSH or bust

Want to avoid typing your password every time you ssh into your remote client? I bet it’s on the top of your priority list. If you’re one of the few, take a look here for a general linux tutorial. And here for a more mac centric one that shows you how to generate a 2048 bit pair.

Basically you generate the key-pair using ssh-keygen (don’t enter a passphrase if you want to connect with no password) . The key generator will put the files in ~/.ssh. Upload identity(.pub) to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2 on your remote host. Then you should be able to open a secure shell without a password. If you’re connecting from multiple locations, you probably want to concatenate the files onto authorized_keys rather than overwriting them. What works for me, may not work for you, especially if you’re using ssh2.

There are some security issues, because anyone can use ssh from the terminal to connect to the server. But it’s not really a huge issue because they need to be able to get onto the computer in the first place. Then again, I’m not one of the uber-paranoids and save website passwords and such.

Hot shit

Well I appear to be done school now, at least the undergraduate portion of it. I have a take-home exam to drop off in the morning some time, but it’s done. It’s been a hectic semester, I’ve spent the last couple days decompressing. I still need to do a little bit more work on my final project, but it’s not too bad. I switched my degree from a Bachelor of Science to a Bachelor of Computing because the school pushed through some new program, and I qualified for it. Doesn’t mean too much other than a change in name; it’s an SSP as opposed to a major and I leave with the ability to get some sort of certification faster. It also just didn’t seem right taking a science degree without doing chemistry, biology or physics.

I’ve been a little bit bored with the website because I’m sick of the design and layout of it. I’m thinking about dumping the weblog off of the root directory and onto a sub directory. Maybe still have post excerpts and quicklinks on the main page and have it act as more of a portal. I want to get more of my writing up, maybe start a photoblog and scrap the gallery and get up some sort of downloads section. I’m also thinking about redoing it all in css, although I would probably be creating a world of pain for myself. Seal Club has been my first real foray into a complete css layout and I can safely say that i was a bit of a pain.

An item of note: I’ve taken to drinking beer out of cans. They allow you to drink faster and the keg cans do a pretty good job staying cold.