Up and down

Got up early this morning to finish off the poetry portion of a take-home Math & Poetry exam that was due at noon. It involved creating found poetry; I made a found Haiku from sentences on the back of a Sun Chips bag.

The post mail proceeded to inform me that Queen’s has accepted my application to teacher’s college for next year. I’m going to take it, which means that I’ll most likely be certified to teach high school around this time next year. Ooo, scary. That was a nice high point for the day.

I spent the afternoon wrestling with the camp computers and failing miserably. The router wasn’t behaving nicely and one of the computers has a messed up windows installation that fails to reinstall, making the data on it a pain to recover. Then a bunch of girls who are moving into the house next year showed up with their mothers to look at the shithole that I live in. I didn’t know about it and was the only one around. It was a waste of my precious internet browsing time.

Alanah’s been sick the last couple of days; her parents were going to come up and take her to the hospital. I went out around 10 to get some food and stuff, she stopped by in the half hour I was gone. Left a message saying there was a five hour wait at the hospital, so she was going home for a couple of days. Boo.

Now I’m watching The Butterfly Effect by myself. I had the urge to post.