Wrong about MT

I jumped the gun a little bit and didn’t wait for all the news to trickle down, although Six Apart did change things slightly. I’m fine under the free license for now, and will probably be purchasing it at some point during the summer.

From the sidebar on the purchase page:

• Author counts are based on “active” authors, those that have logged in within the last 90 days
• Weblog counts are based on “active” weblogs, those that have had posts created within the last 90 days
• One site at one URL counts as a weblog for your license, even if it is made up of more than one weblog in the software

That takes care of most of my initial problems with the licensing. I grabbed the Developer Edition of MT 3.0 and installed it last night. I’m going to have to update my templates at some point. I have a redesign of the site in the works right now. I’ll be moving the weblog to /log at some point. I’ve changed the archive links to reflect that (although the old ones should work still) and I’ll be migrating to individual archive posts at some point in the near future.