On this day in history

Dave and Alex @ ConvocationLast friday, I attended my convocation. For the four years of service to my univseristy, I was awarded a piece of paper. The coupon entitles me to a Bachelor of Computing with a Subject of Specialization in Computing. Nice and redundant.

The ceremony was alright, kind of long, but that wasn’t surprising. Maria Klawe was awarded an honorary doctorate in computer science, and gave an interesting address about women in computing, and computers in education. She is currently president of ACM and is Dean of Engineering at Princeton.

I looked kind of hobbitish with the cape and hood. Although it may have been the wildman hair and beard. One of the weirder parts of the ceremony was receiving the degree and having the chancellor say, “Congratulations Mr. Editor,” to me. He knew who I was. It mainly seems weird because he was the CEO of TD Bank. And there was Alex, my co-editor, who replaced his name on the cue-card with that of Roberto Alomar, former second-baseman for the Blue Jays.

My project supervisor, Robin Dawes, gave me a copy of Non Campus Mentis. It’s a collection of excerpts from university essays that produce an entirely different version of history.