The new look

I started tinkering with this layout before I left for Moosonee. It’s the first time I’ve used just CSS for the layout. There are probably a few hacks around and i bet it won’t be perfectly valid CSS and XHTML but it’s close. The point of the exercise? To start familiarizing myself with CSS. In theory, I can do a redesign just by editing the style sheet.

The transition isn’t quite complete but this gets me moving and forces me to complete a few of the pages in the near future. I will organize the box and add more to the writing section.

Now I can get back to some regular posting as well. A few things are probably fucked right now, mostly with the comments. The quicklink comments will be completely broken, and the quicklink archives will probably be messed up. The comments work for the main weblog posts, but previewing will probably screw up, so don’t bother.