Will Smith said it

On of my favourite quotes from an interview he did with Wired.

Alan Tudyk played Sonny, so he was there but had the tight green suit on. We kept calling him – and all the robots who had green suits on – the Irish speed-skating team.

I guess it’s really the concept of weird Irish Speed Skating team in my head. Apparently, if he got recruited by MIT but wanted to rap instead.

I would have made a billion dollars and been broke by now. I’ve always dreamed of a computerized classroom. You’d come in and the teacher wouldn’t have to take roll – every desk would have fingerprint roll. They could track you from one class to the other. Computer engineering would’ve been the only way for me to go.

It’s weird, I’d never really considered Will Smith as one of sci-fi’s champions. He’s done quite a bit of it though.