Kickass Mandarin Salad

We made a great dinner tonight, which included my new favourite salad. Not that Manadarin salads aren’t normally good, but this was kickass.


  • organic leaf lettuce or romaine
  • green onions
  • can of mandarin oranges
  • bag of almonds
  • brown sugar
  • oil/vinegar dressing
  • salt/pepper
  • tobasco


Take the bag of almonds and smash them up with a hammer. Put them in a frying pan and cover them with a bunch of brown sugar. After it’s all melty, get the gooey mess out of the pan and onto some wax paper or tinfoil. When it cools, you can break it up and throw it in the salad.

Meanwhile, you want to be putting the lettuce in a bowl. Chop up some of the onions and put those in too. Then strain the oranges and dump them in. Take the left over orange juice, mix it with equal parts of the oil/vinegar dressing. But a bunch of a pepper in it, a bit of salt, a few teaspoons of brown sugar and a few hits of tobasco. Mix it into the salad and you’re good to go.