Debate this

First Ladies the same?I watched some of the presidential debate tonight, after discovering the live feed on bbc. Nothing spectacular, although Kerry seemed strong and composed, Bush seemed a little on the bewildered side.

My favourite Bush moment was him flubbing an accusation against Kerry, “He needs to speak clearly, he’s sending mexed-missa… mixed-messages, he’s sending mixed messages…”. It probably won’t show up on a transcript. This picture is gold too, the first ladies look exactly the same.

Transcript: part 1 / part 2

A living goddess emerges

A seven-year old girl is revered as a living goddess amongst hindus and buddhists. She only comes out a few times a year to celebrate festive occasions. It’s not easy to become Kumari:

Each Kumari is chosen aged only three or four, always from the same Buddhist clan, and has to have 32 attributes, including thighs like those of a deer and a neck like a conch shell.

My favourite quote would have to be this one:

Under quite new arrangements, living goddesses nowadays are all entitled to a formal education with a tutor of their choice.

I’m glad living goddesses are entitled to a formal education.

Left-wing media conspiracy

I’m convinced that the major media outlets have all declared Bush way ahead in the polls to encourage voting. Democrats are more likely to come out and if they fear losing. Either that or they want to create a bunch of work and news for themselves by analyzing where polls went wrong and creating snazzy special report graphics. Vote for Pedro.

Man RSS can suck

I was checking out the new RSS/Atom/Whatever capabilities of the Firefox 1.0PR build and realizing that I haven’t been posting to the main log all that often. I seem to do a lot better with the quicklinks, but I’d been neglecting their feeds. So, I have created both atom and rss versions of the quicklinks. In other exciting website news, I registered but it’s just mirroring eightface, nothing special.

I’m starting to use Firefox a lot more instead of Safari, it seems to be slicker these days. I’m using the Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) theme and a bunch of plugins. I’ve been noticing a few of their new features, like an RSS link in the corner and the ability to bookmark feeds. The find feature has been revamped too, it’s now a search bar at the bottom instead of a popup window and it does live searches (you don’t have to hit enter).


Curling rink gets condom maker Trojan as a sponsor.