Man RSS can suck

I was checking out the new RSS/Atom/Whatever capabilities of the Firefox 1.0PR build and realizing that I haven’t been posting to the main log all that often. I seem to do a lot better with the quicklinks, but I’d been neglecting their feeds. So, I have created both atom and rss versions of the quicklinks. In other exciting website news, I registered but it’s just mirroring eightface, nothing special.

I’m starting to use Firefox a lot more instead of Safari, it seems to be slicker these days. I’m using the Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) theme and a bunch of plugins. I’ve been noticing a few of their new features, like an RSS link in the corner and the ability to bookmark feeds. The find feature has been revamped too, it’s now a search bar at the bottom instead of a popup window and it does live searches (you don’t have to hit enter).