Bloody technology

Last night was not a good night for me and technology. Our cable internet isn’t working because the cable is unplugged at the hub on the side of our building (i’m assuming that a squirrel ripped it out by sitting on it), you need a ladder to get to it.

Next up, a Bell technician was supposed to come over in the evening yesterday, but never showed. We’ve been paying Bell for a week or two, but they’ve yet to get the phone actually working in our apartment. Last up, i was plugging the ethernet cable into my xbox and clipped one of the wires attaching the power switch to the modchip. So, I have a normal xbox right now instead of a nice modded one.

Update: I called Cogeco today, the tech support lady was ready to put me through the wringer with the call-script and what not; she got the idea when I said i had physically traced the cable out of the apartment and it wasn’t attached to the wall. Anyway, they can’t send someone to climb up a ladder and plug it back in until Monday. Yea big faceless corporations.