Hello World

Time for a small recap of the last week or so, just to get me started. I need to post a bit more, it’s become the weekly update. The quicklinks section seems to be getting the majority of my effort.

First off, Canada wins the World Cup of Hockey. It used to be the Canada Cup, but I guess that was a bit too exlusive or something. Regardless, Canada can rest easy for awhile, it has the Olympic gold, the last two World Championships and this Cup. As Canadians, we probably wouldn’t have cared as much about the World Cup if the NHL wasn’t planning on locking out the players. We’re likely to get some hockey in the form of the Original Stars Hockey League.

Next up, my story. I’m doing teacher’s college this year, so I had a bit of an earlier start than most of the other students at the university. The first week was a lot of giant classes in the auditorium, but not a whole lot happened. Class is in full swing now — I’m not really used to having a whole day full of them. Overall they don’t seem too difficult to wrap your head around, it just seems like a good chunk of work. More of a time commitment than anything. Just like teaching I guess, a lot of time spent compiling resources and planning how you’re going to approach class.

Last up, i’ll give you a few more links to make the non-personal visit worthwhile. Wes has an mp3 weblog called Angels Twenty, it makes me want to start offering weekly mp3s again. An NYT review of the new G5 iMac. Marc has a domain now, dunno if I posted that or not, it’s been in my links for awhile. Capsula Mundi, Italian bio-degradable coffins. That’s it for now.