Viva Septembre!

Hola chicos. The summer seems to have gone by too fast. I’ve had a week off from work, but could use another. A good chunk of this week has been spent gathering my shit up and preparing to move apartments. I was woken up this morning by a friendly Cogeco representative who told me that there was a tech waiting at the other apartment to install my internet. It’s a fun way to start the day.

School for me starts on Tuesday, so I don’t get to party it up during Frosh Week like the rest of the goons. It’s alright though, I don’t think my first week’s going to be all that hard. I need to find out when I’m supposed to be there on the first day though.

So, internet is up in the new place now. Phone sometime tomorrow I think, although that could end up being delayed. If you want the new location and contact info, let me know. Time for some bed.