Home for the Holidays

I’m back in Brockville for the week, staying at home. I left my mac at home, but brought my xbox back. My mom and brother now know how to launch the Xbox Media Center and watch DivX/Xvid movies. Not having my computer around hurts though, it’s one of those times that you wish for a laptop.

I brought home a Ubuntu and a Gnoppix liveCD, so I could avoid using Windows. It’s working fine, but neither of them seems cable of saving my settings to my USB key. They also seem to have trouble creating a persistent home directory right now. Long and short of it is that I have to resetup my computer everytime I boot it up. I could use Knoppix or some other liveCD, but I prefer the Gnome desktop to KDE. The liveCDs also seem incapable of booting on the family’s old pIII 450, it’s not worth struggling over.

I’ll be home for a week or so, then back to Kingston and on to Toronto/Missassauga for a few days. School starts again for me on the 3rd, yea!