The Future

It’s transition time here at, one of those antsy times when I need to change the functionality of my site(s). Anyway, will still be around, but it’s likely to become more of personal gallery/artsy-web-playground sort of thing. The log and associated crap will be migrating to

I’ll also be changing content management systems. Moveable Type has suited me well for the last few years, but it’s time to move on. I’d still recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay for it (or sign-up for the developers network). For anyone using Dreamhost, i’m more likely to suggest WordPress, as it can be installed from the WebPanel with one click (and a bit of typing).

And what will I be moving to? That would be Drupal. Why Drupal? Because I want to make my life difficult. We’ll see if I come crawling back with my tail between my legs.