The Future pt II

Well, Drupal didn’t happen. But WordPress did.

I didn’t have a whole lot of trouble installing Drupal, it actually went fairly smoothly, despite some comments that indicate otherwise. My biggest problem was that I had about 1700 main log and quicklink entries that needed to be imported into the new system. It became a pain-in-the-ass with Drupal, but was pretty simple with [WordPress][3].

And I respected Riz’s comment, eightface forever! I’m thinking that will just be a portal for now, it’s kind of dumb to have it mirroring everything on eightface. They’re on the save physical server, so it’s not acting as a redundant backup.

Some notes, I decided to go with a CVS build, rather than the default install. So, I’m currently running 1.5-beta1, which has some nice aspects to it. The theming is pretty cool and it was pretty simple to get an asides/quicklinks style thing going. I ran into a problem with the quicklinks, mostly in relation to how I set them up in MT and imported them into WordPress. I could have come up with some sort of hack or legacy thing, but I didn’t. I’m going back and formatting each post with Markdown.

Markdown is pretty handy if you like working with text/text-editors. Basically, it saves a bunch of time by avoiding having to type out the same code over and over again. Some people like the mouse and clicking on a button to insert tags, this is easier (hands don’t have to leave keyboard).

Things might look a bit ugly around here as I switch over to the new system and templates.