Flickr badge plugin for WordPress

flickrRSS badge plugin for WordPress

This plugin allows you to display a flickr style badge (for a tag, user, user tag or group pool) on your WordPress site. It uses MagpieRSS to parse the RSS feed and display the images. The plugin can also cache the images locally and display image title tags. The plugin is configurable via an Options panel.

Update: the plugin page has moved here. (Jan 2nd, 2006)


– Display a badge for any tag, userid, user tag or group pool photo stream
– Easy to configure options panel
– Displays image titles
– Choose small, thumbnail or medium sized images
– Can cache images locally
– Display multiple badges


For the most part, it’s like any other plugin install, but you need a writable cache directory.

1. Unpack the files
2. Upload the plugin to your plugins directory.
3. Put the cache and magpierss directories where you want.
4. Change permissions on any cache directories that you need, so they are writable by the webserver (usually chmod 777).
5. Activate the plugin.
6. Goto the options panel, configure the plugin. If you want your feed to appear, make sure that you user you User Id Number, not your name.