FlickrRSS feed script

Want to integrate a Flickr tag, user or group pool feed into your site? This PHP script will use MagpieRSS to grab the the RSS feed for the photo pool and pull the images out of it. Download flickrrss0.5.txt, edit the preferences and then change the extension to php. Also, make sure that you install Magpie (and tell the script where it’s installed).


– Can show photos from group pool, user id or tag
– Choose number of photos to display
– The script should now cache the images locally (you can turn this off)
– There’s an option to use small or medium sized images.
Links to /in/pool-$groupname/ now, allows easier access to group photos Flickr does this now but it uses the ugly group name.

To Do

– Delete old cached images
– Fix junk feed problem if Flickr goes down (images are cached, but Magpie fetches the junk script and can’t parse it)


I switched from small images to medium, but they’re still small.
You’ll need to remove all the old images from the cache manually, then you should be fine.


0.5 – choose group, tag or user id, turn of image cache
0.4 – – fixed broken image link
0.3 – cache images locally, small/medium images
0.1 – initial release

Update: I’m focusing more on the WordPress plugin these days, here’s a similar script that may see more development.