Updates – flickr plugin and website layout

FlickrRSS badge plugin for WordPressI changed the theme over to this white one for now, it’s loosely based on Kubrick. I still need to clean up the CSS. It looks more consistent across browsers and platforms now (I had mangled the em text sizing, so I went pack to pt sizing). No graphics, lightweight, valid CSS & XHTML for the most part (a lot of the log posts probably have badly formed urls with unencoded ampersands).
**Update**: The CSS and XHTML are valid, albeit any old post with poorly encoded ampersands or a host of other problems will invalidate them.

There are some minor updates to the [FlickrRSS plugin](http://eightface.com/log/2005/02/28/flickr-badge-plugin-for-wordpress/ “WordPress Plugin”) as well. Thumbnail sized images are now an option for the photo stream, and you can isolate just one tag from your user stream (ie just display your photos tagged with blackandwhite or moblog).