Flickr releases updated badge

Flickr released a new badge today. It can do a lot more than the old one could, including the ability to choose from any of your photos (including sets), groups pools or user tags. It’s pretty solid and covers my main reasons for writing this script in the first place. The script can cache locally, but it can’t do random photos because it’s working with the RSS feed, which only serves up the last 10 images.

I’ll still be continuing development of the flickRSS plugin, mainly because I wrote it as a badge replacement for myself. It’s easy to customize on the fly, caches the images locally (so they won’t disappear if Flickr has a massage) and it has title tags on the links, so you get nice words when you wave the mouse over a photo.

There probably won’t be any work done on the plugin in the next little while. I have a week of teaching left in the high school, then the final two weeks back at the teacher’s college, we’ll see how it goes. It’ll probably be behind the scenes stuff, possibly removing the need for MagpieRSS, cleaning up the options page, implementing the options page as a function. Maybe a few more rss varieties while we’re at it.