Instructions for turning your degree into a paper airplane

Paper Airplane Degree :: Top View

Last year, the finest institution in the land awarded me the title ‘Bachelor of Computing’ with ‘Subject of Specialization Computing’ written underneath (an SSP is kind of like a major but it’s supposed to require more work). I thought the name of the degree sounded redundant, but it’s kind of funny for a CompSci degree. That’s one of the reasons that I went for it.

Realizing the error of its ways, the university has offered to courier me a new degree with a new title, Subject of Specialization Computer Science. I’m down, that’s cool. But they sent me a wee little envelope to return it in, so I figured they wouldn’t mind if I made a few extra folds trying to fit the degree in.

Without further ado, I present the step-by-step instructions for turning your degree into a paper airplane (Flickr Set & Slideshow).