Mao vs. Hipster PDA

So, Getting Things Done appears to be all the rage these days. One of the organizational elements being pimped by the cult is the hipster pda. I haven’t read GTD or totally applied the system, but I’ve found it to be an effective organizer/notetaker/todolist. It also seems to be a good cat toy.

That’s right, a bunch of 3×5 index cards held together with an art-clip can provide hours of fun for the feline kind. Alanah’s cat, was on one of her nightly psychotic benders and got ahold of one of the hipster pdas I had kicking around. She proceed to spend at least 10 minutes wrestling with it (not bad considering her normal attention span is closer to 10 seconds). We had the presence of mind to grab a camera and encourage her behaviour. Here’s a photoset.

Update: Another photo of a cat with a hipster pda in its clutches. Hmm, I’m starting to wonder.