Musical Baton – Meme Attack

It appears this month’s meme craze is passing a musical baton, Brandon sent it my way. So, here we go:

Total music files residing on my computer: 3397 songs totalling 16.66GB (Some weird trend going on with the sixes).

Last CD I bought: It’s been a little while, but I think it was two Ted Leo albums — Shake the Sheets and Hearts of Oak.

Song playing right now: “Staring at the Sun” by TV on the Radio

Five songs I listen to a lot / mean alot to me:

* “When I Come Around” by Green Day
* “Da Mystery of Chessboxin” by Wu-Tang Clan
* “Blimps Go 90” by Guided by Voices
* “No One Like You” by Scorpions
* “How Many Cans?” by Soul Coughing

Four or Five People I’m Passing The Buck Baton To: Tavis, Riz , Marc, Richard, Freeman.

That’s it, to those who’ve been tagged, enjoy. If you’re interested in my current listening habits, try my audioscrobbler stats.