July Contest: Define Unfusly

This is the story of my new favourite word: unfusly. I’m not sure what it means yet — but you can help me decide.

So how did this word come to be and why don’t I know what it means? The answer is simple: Google. Not that anything Google does is simple, but the origins lie deep in the heart of the Google-plex. Gmail was kind enough to demand that I answer a captcha and produced the word unfusly. It seemed real enough to me — I was under the impression that captchas produced garbage text. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the presence of mind to save the image.

Now I like unfusly, but it needs to mean something. I have some shiny PayPal dollars (Dreamhost gave them to me for telling people about their super hosting abilities) that I’m willing to part with for some solid work. Here are the basic categories and prize-disribution as it stands now:

  • Best Definition of Unfusly – $5
    The one I like the best
  • Best Display of Unfusly – $5
    The best display of unfusly in the real-world
  • Most Professional – $5
    Make me think it belongs in a dictionary

Anything you submit needs to be your own, and if you’re using images they should be hosted on your own webspace or a photo-sharing site like flickr. The judging will be done by me, likely after the contest closes. Which we’ll say is one week from today (July 7th). I’m not likely to change the contest, but like anything in life, it could be subject to radical change with little or no warning. Go nuts.

CJD Notepad

CJD Notepad
This WordPress plugin provides a mechanism to create and manage “notes” (if you’re not a fan of creating drafts before you’re actually writing a draft).

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