Broken camera

I pulled my camera out of my bag this afternoon to snap a photo and was confused by an entirely white lcd screen. Then I noticed a little black blob in the corner. And that’s pretty much how it’s apt to stay. I forgot to take it out of my bag last night and must have stepped on it at some point. Normally, stepping on the camera in the bag probably wouldn’t have done anything, but there was an uncapped pen in same pouch that was likely positioned directly under the screen.

The camera can still takes photos and is capable of transfering them over to the computer, but all of the advanced features are unusable. Without the screen, it’s essentially been reduced to one of those 35mm knockoffs you buy at a drug store.

Can’t really say whether I’ll try to get it fixed or pick up a new one. The camera wasn’t that old, only about a year and a half, but there are much better ones on the market now. I was planning on riding this camera out for another year or so before I invested in a digital SLR. The current cash situation probably won’t faciliate the purchase of an new SLR, but it’d be nice.

I unscrewed the camera housing and found that the screen looks replacable, but Sony’s likely to charge me over a hundred dollars to have a new one put in. For a little bit more money, I could probably invest in a newer camera with more dohickeys.

Omar Omar Omar!!!

Omar Omar Omar!!!
One of the most profane and disturbing writers that I know has infiltrated the ranks of Canada’s prestigious national newspaper (for the business section no less)! This post also flies in the face of the one exclamation mark per hundred-thousand words rule that we learned in creative writing!

Altogether now

There’s a bit of a new look around here, mostly the same but some minor tweaks. I got rid of the nav bar at the top (a smaller version is present in the footer), amalgamated some pages, moved the core sub-pages into the sidebar description, changed those links to red, and added 23.7% more whitespace.

Brendan points out the sort of hive-mind thing that happens purposefully or not within the various weblogging communities. Maybe everyone gets fed up at the same time, who knows. I’ve never really been able to stick with one template for too long, they’re always evolving. I should probably take more screenshots.