Holy crap, I’m done again!

Stock Graduation Photograph 273633.5 - That'll learn yaQueen’s has given me another piece of paper today, this one entitles me to one (1) Bachelor of Education. It also entitles me to expound at great lengths on various subjects and pretend that I actually know what I’m talking about. Here’s the photo-set on flickr.

Overall, the education ceremony felt smaller and lighter than the science/computing ceremony last year. That said, I prefered the speakers last year. Karen Hitchcock’s speech was pretty dry and uninspiring; there was nothing that directly applied to our faculty and it was likely the same one she was going to read to the engineers later in the day. As far as the honourary doctorate goes, I still give top honours to Maria Klawe last year, her talk would have been more relevant to the crop of educators than someone prattling on about how little respect the art of dance gets in Canada.

I’m not likely to go into teaching right away, but I will probably be working in the education field. Currently, I’m working with one of my former professors to develop an online resource-centre/community for computer science teachers. It’s developing nicely and we should have a functional prototype fairly soon. Beyond that, I’ve been reading, working on various projects and trying to decompress.