Dreamhost Awesomeness

I’ve been with Dreamhost for almost five years now and the service has been continualy improving the entire time. Up to their usual trick, they’ve gone and done a few new things this week. The first big on is installing the new version of Ruby and Ruby on Rails for everyone. That’s gotta make the Rails people happy. It also means I can start playing and don’t have to spend time installing.

The second thing I found was a Gmail-esque announcement in my admin panel:

This is a big one. Starting today, we’re the only web host in the world
(as far as we know, and we didn’t check) that automatically GROWS every
shared customer’s disk and bandwidth quotas every week!

That’s right, every week from now on your quotas will be increased by
this much per active shared hosting plan:

  • L1: 20MB disk and 1GB bandwidth each week!
  • L2: 40MB disk and 1.5GB bandwidth each week!
  • L3: 60MB disk and 2GB bandwidth each week!
  • L4: 80MB disk and 2.5GB bandwidth each week!

Now, that’s a pretty solid announcement — it raises the bar for other hosts and means lots of space for me to play with. They also found the time to update to PHP 5 and MYSQL 4.1. And add CPU usage tracking.