Yahoo stupidity

Google vs. Yahoo SetI don’t use Yahoo’s search and the reasons are mostly personal. The company is the wunderkid in the internet hipster community’s new “omg wtf ajax!!1!” approach to web-design. I’m all for it; flickr may actually be the best thing since sliced bread and MyWeb is pretty cool, but their classic old search is balls.

My benchmarks for this search-engine test are the phrases “dave kellam” and “eightface”. Yeah, it’s personal. Here are links to the relevant searches, although they are subject to change over time.

Now as far as the results go, there isn’t too big a problem with “dave kellam” not producing my site as the first hit. There are others around with the same name and I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I won’t become the number one hit for “dave”. But “eightface” isn’t really a common word and I’d expect it to come out on top.

Drumroll… is the first result for both searches on Google. But the site doesn’t even crack the top 100 for either search on Yahoo. Photo set for the two search results and their visual comparison. It’s not that Yahoo’s results are wrong, they will people to information related to me and the website, but in a bit of a round-about fashion. Not a big deal but it has an impact on my use of Yahoo for casual every-day search. I don’t mind digging for information, but it really shouldn’t be hard for the search engine to connect my feedburner feed or my flickr stream to the actual website.