Camping photos

View from the rock

Back from the camping trip to Charleston Lake. We had great weather and and a great place to camp at an interior site. We canoed in — definitely a lot easier than hiking with the gear. It was relaxing to spend a few days outdoors.

The only problems on the trip were the raccoon and my camera batteries dying. The broken lcd on my camera is brilliant white and sucks up the juice if I forget to turn it off (easy enough to do in bright light), so I only really have photos from the first day. Alanah managed to conserve her battery for the whole trip and got some great shots out of the canoe. For more, take a look at my photoset or Alanah’s on flickr.

The raccoon (whom we dubbed Franz) had the audacity to make an attempt on our duffel bag full of food, despite the fact that we were sitting right beside it. Not just once, but three times. The first night he managed to eat a loaf of bread by jumping off a picnic table and clawing the bag open (it was separate from the main bag due to laziness). The second night he somehow managed to abscond with another loaf of bread and some hotdog buns despite no obvious signs of tampering with the bags in the tree. We suspect Franz has invented teleportation technology. Will investigate further.