Men’s Vogue is Ugly

Men's Vogue Cover
It’s really hard to start writing about Vogue for Men, then again some organizations can write an entire article. There should be more than a few obvious jokes to work with, but the project on a whole just seems like another addition to the already massive pool of magazines. It may survive, it may not. I can’t see myself buying it.

I’m guessing that they’re trying to pull in an audience of modern, fashion-conscious men (you get a slap in the head for allowing meterosexual into your brain). I’m also going to go out on a limb and guess that they spent a lot of money photographing George Clooney and gave a five-year old some licorice to design the cover for them.

Look at it. I mean really look at it. Try to tell me that cover isn’t seven different shades of ugly — from the logo, to the use of four hundred different fonts. For a magazine that’s pimping style, it’s hard to figure out how this cover escaped into the wild.