Redesign in progress

Hey boys and girls. Time to rip the site apart and redesign it. I’m talking pull the guts out and start again. The current layout is an evolution of an evolution of some metaphorical layered object. Actually, it’s based on a version of Kubrick from around December last year when I first installed WordPress. There’s a lot of legacy, there’s a lot of mess. I’ve been putting it off for awhile and may as well do it now.

If you were an adventurous soul that actually looked under the hood, I commend you. I have trouble keeping track of what I’ve done. Someone asked me about releasing this layout as a theme. After I get the new layout up and finish up some client work, I’ll try to clean up the style sheet and pags and release some semblence of a theme for WordPress.

I’ve been frustrated with the format of my own website. I need to make some bits of information more prevalent. The layout of the site will likely go towards something like one main entry and five quick posts on the main page, with a footer highlighting other content on the site. That footer would like appear in some shape or form on all pages.

Anyway, it’s going to be a live work in progress. Things might not work particularly well in the next few days. We’ll get through it. I’ll try to keep track of some updates in the Change Log.

Update: Templates are stripped down for the most part, working on structure and basic layout of the site right now. As far as design goes, I haven’t started anything in photoshop, so that will be coming later (11:22pm EST).

Update 2: I’m getting there, header graphic is up now. Still a bit of old code to clean up. Have the comments to work on and start delving into some of the sub-pages. (Sep 27 – 1:45am EST)