What’s happening

I’ve been keeping myself busy working on a number of different web projects and helping people move, so this site has been neglected a little bit. At some point, I need to clean up my mess of a stylesheet. I’ve also been meaning to overhaul flickrRSS for awhile. Hopefully, it’ll come up in the next little while. Marc has been messing around with the flickr api, it’s provided some inspiration to redo my plugin. Ideally, it needs to stay really simple — flickrRSS just works for most people as a simple badge.

I’ve also realized that it’s September. I don’t know how that happened or when summer disappeared. Regardless, I’ve been trying to enjoy the last vestiges of warmth and sunlight outdoors before the wonderful Canadian winter is upon us.

While I’m off on a personal entry, I’ll take this moment to endorse a few different objects for consumption: The Shield, Rome, Weeds, March of Penguins, The Editors, The Cribs. Three television shows, a movie and two bands. That will be all for now.