WordPress.com invite

WordPress.com is one of the latest entries into the field of hosted weblogs. I signed up for an invite awhile ago and received one sometime last week. My site over there probably won’t see too much action, but it’s useful for testing purposes.

Right now, the service lacks somewhat in customizability (mostly on the appearance front) but it does offer a preview of what WordPress 1.6 will have to offer on the administration side of things. It’s also an example of the WordPressMU (multiuser) install, although most people probably don’t care too much about that.

I have an invitation to the service to give away, figured may as well offer it up here. If you’re interested, just drop me a comment and let me know why it should be yours. I’d rather give it to someone who actually wants to start their own weblog or migrate from blogspot instead of someone who’ll use it sporadically like me.