Greetings from Idiot America

I haven’t posted much material related to Intelligent Design, mostly because the argument seems so stupid. It shouldn’t even be called an argument. This Esquire article (full text) was too good to pass up though. It focuses on Intelligent Design, but also touches on the broader dumbing down of America.

The Creation Museum ranks up there as one of my favourites from this whole debacle. This is a photo of one of their displays, featuring a giraffe and Adam naming a Sabertooth tiger. Nice kitty.

I think this sums everything up nicely:

A “politically savvy challenge to evolution” is as self-evidently ridiculous as an agriculturally savvy challenge to euclidean geometry would be. It makes as much sense as conducting a Gallup poll on gravity or running someone for president on the Alchemy Party ticket.

The whole nightmare with the Kansas schoolboard almost makes you ashamed to be a teacher. It’s hard to understand how an educated person could end up promoting this garbage. On that note, look into the Flying Spaghetti Monster if you need protection for the crazies.