flickrRSS 3.0

flickrRSS 3.0 plugin for WordPress

Finally got around to updating the flickrRSS plugin for WordPress. I had been meaning to do it for awhile, but kept putting it off. Now that WordPress 2.0 is out, I figured it would be a good time to break the plugin. Yeah, that’s right break it. I changed around a bunch of the options and how the parameters are handled, so you’ll need to set it up again.

As an end user, you won’t notice a lot of the improvements. The interface makes more sense now (compare a 2.0 screenshot vs 3.0 screenshot) and should be easier to use. The options panel has been moved into Presentation, which makes more sense I think. At least that’s where I usually went looking for it. The image sizes now reflect the actual flicker image sizes too.

If you’re a developer, the plugin should read a lot better now. There was a lot of legacy stuff kicking around from when I created a flickr php script to pull in group photos, so some of the variables name didn’t make sense. There was also very little WP plugin documentation when I created the plugin, so it was kind of messy.

With this release I’ve done a better job with the documentation for the plugin, i.e. there’s actually a description of what the parameters do. You can find all of that in the readme or the flickrRSS page. Also, cleaned up the flickrRSS page and moved it from “code” to “wordpress”. The comments are disabled, but pingbacks are active, so feel free to talk about the plugin on your own site. If you have questions about getting the plugin working or styling the photos, please visit the eightface forum.

I’ve tested it with WordPress 1.5.2 and WordPress 2.0, and everything seems ok. So, download it now and be merry.